Diane Dennis
Donna Dickt
Apr 25 - Beginner Wreath (Part 1)
Amy Katz
Diane Whiting
Franklin Martin
May 15 - 17, TBD
Diane Hertzler
Donna Dickt
Jun 6 - Beginner Wreath (Part 2)
Miriam Shimon
Donna Dickt
Cynthia Rutledge
Maria Richmond
Laura McCabe
Aug 13 - 16, TBD
Donna Dickt
Alexandra Sydorenko
Aug 28 - 30, TBD
Cindy Holsclaw
Sep 25 - 27, TBD
Cliff Swain-Salomon
Oct 2 - 4, TBD


About Us

Kathy Fritz

Owner, Bead Artist, Lead Instructor
Bead Soup

Kathy has been beading small crystal balls from Japanese patterns for quite a while! Still her signature item, she has sold shiny crystal balls for many years to local buyers at craft fairs, friends, family, and in the summer of 2006 to a small shop in Delaware's Rehobeth Beach. This expansion into the retail market helped to expand her work and the reviews of her beadwork were overwhelming!

That one retail experience was the catalyst which produced Bead Soup located at Historic Savage Mills. Making the decision to open her own bead shop, Kathy started teaching beading and selling beading supplies. Constantly improving the size, complexity and variety of her own bead designs, Kathy teaches with enthusiasium to her students.

In 2011, Bead Soup and Kathy celebrated the third anniversary of her store's opening and in 2012 she moved into a much larger store located just down the hall from the old one! Kathy is looking forward to opening many more!

"I hope you enjoy the store, products and my designs as much as I enjoy making them!" - Kathy Fritz

Jo Ray

Senior Instructor, Bead and Felting Artist
Bead Soup

Jo has more creativity in her little finger than most of us have in our whole bodies! Having once worked as an electrical engineer, Jo switched careers, taught herself to beadweave, and starting beading and felting almost three years ago. As our senior instructor, Jo's classes and patterns are always fun and unusual. In her spare time, Jo works with polymer clay and her felted items are funny and whimsical . Pictured is Jo with her self portrait felted hat pin! Known for her eclectic array of hats and bubbly personality, Jo is a valuable asset to the Bead Soup team!




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