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A Cliff Swain-Salomon Workshop
Phalænopsis Pendant/Orchid Earrings

Friday, October 16, 2020
& Wednesday, October 21, 2020
11-5:00 PM
(Online Class via Zoom)
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced.
Cost of Instruction: $ 85.00 *
Cost of Kit: $ 60.00  *
(limit of 15 people per class)
* All classes need to be paid in full at the time of registration.
Flat Peyote, Tubular Peyote, PRAW (recommended but not required)
These orchids are definitely a statement piece and were made in honor of Cliff’s daughter, whose given birth middle name was Orchid, before adopting and gifting her a new name. In ancient Greece, orchids were a symbol of virility and fertility. Due to the flower’s symmetry, in China, they are considered “Lan Hua” or the epitome of human perfection. In Victorian England these flowers are considered symbols of love, which is why he had them as one of his wedding flowers. The Phalænopsis orchid has just over 60 varieties that grow naturally in the wild, which is a small number compared to the over 35,000 species of orchid varieties that naturally exist.
To pattern these beaded beauties, Cliff actually used one of his many orchid plants that he grows, dissecting one of the flowers to ensure it was anatomically correct and true to the original it is patterned after. For those who are proficient in peyote stitch, this pendant is a great exploration of how to shape flower petals using different peyote techniques. Each flower is made life-sized, true to scale and can be worn as a pendant or adapted to make a beautiful pair of earrings.
 Student Supply List:
  • 4# fireline or One-G
  • Size 12 needles


Store policies regarding Designer Series and Guest Instructor Workshops

  • All workshops require pre-registration, walk-ins will not be accepted.
  • Workshops MUST be paid for at the time of registration. Please do not email us to register for these workshops. All registrations and payments must be made over the phone by calling 240-456-4568 or by registering in person at the store.
  • All kits may be purchased directly from the instructor on the day of your workshop.
  • Coupons may not be used for Designer Series and Guest Instructor workshops.
  • If you miss or cannot make a workshop for which you are registered, you will be given credit that can be applied to another class or store merchandise. However, because we pay guest instructors for a minimum number of students, if you were included in that minimum required number, no money will be refunded and no credit will be given. In any case, 48 hours notice of cancellation is required to receive any refund or credit. Cancellations must be made by calling the store, 240-456-4568, or by stopping by the store in person. Cancellation requests received via email will not be accepted.
  • If you are registered for a workshop and cannot attend, we cannot give a refund for any reason unless the class is filled and there is someone on the waiting list who can take your place. If you can find someone to replace you in the class, that is fine also.
  • ** A non-refundable $25 deposit is needed at the time of registration. Please check your schedule and skill level before securing your seat. The balance is due the Wednesday prior to the event and if I don't see or hear from you prior to the event the remaining balance will be charged to the credit card used for the deposit.

Bead Soup must enforce these policies due to the high cost of bringing such high profile instructors to the shop.

Thank you for your understanding.




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