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Cathy Cross 2015-09-14
I'm so lucky to live close and to have found this shop. As others have said, it's much more than a "shop." It's a beautiful art space that encourages creativity in each guest with the help of infinitely patient instructors. But more important, Bead Soup is a place for fellowship, good cheer and finding the artist in everyone.
From: Ellicott City
Caron 2014-06-01
My ultimate bucket list wish is to visit the Bead Soup and meet Kathy and the gang. The online interaction I have had inspires me to save my pennies and head overseas to see this incredible space for myself. Thank you for all that you do for the beaders of the world, you are a fabulous lady and a true treasure. Caron
From: Brisbane, Australia
Grace Horton 2014-06-01
How I wish I could visit and take a class. Love the Snowman cuff. I will visit the web/FB page often and drool.
From: Sun City Arizona
ROBIN 2013-05-27
Hi my name is Robin im a Bead tapestry artist originally from NY now residing in Boynton Beach FL Beading is my passion my pieces have been in major beading magazines I have to say i am a huge fan of Erin's her passion her being the kind of teacher when it comes to bead pieces is amazing I only wish i could join your group there isnt too many bead weavers around here alot of Jewelry artist but Beading on a loom is my passion And when i see Erin looming her pieces she is my inspiration Id love to Join your group even though im miles away happy beading
From: United States
Wallen 2013-02-14
I came to this store several years ago as a new beader and I absolutely love the classes offered here. The space, the instructors, and the people are all so creative and inspiring! this is my go-to place on those gotta have 'em "me days". Kathy and Jo are such wonderful people, you can't help but be drawn to this type of art! :
From: Olney, Maryland
Byrd 2012-12-27
Thank you for helping my totally lost husband! I will be there soon to spend my certificate and the extra money I was given! I love you Kathy and Jo!
From: Laurel
shawnnee 2012-12-04
I'd tried so hard to get there tonight for the wonderful uplifting, inspirirng beading in circles but the traffic was so stopped that I got a mile from the house and gave up. Bummer!!!!
chris andrew 2012-12-04
I would so love to be able to visit your store it looks amazing and that portrait is spectacular I am in awe xxx
From: north east england
Rick 2012-07-12
This place is FANTASTIC! Cathy and Jo know their stuff. I do not, understand why more men don't join in the fun and frollic. I am not good - and I have many preferations in my fingers - but when I hand my Lady a finshed piece I made - well, it is all worth it.
From: Millersville
Beth 2012-05-29
This store is fantastic! Wonderful selection of beads and the prices are great. I don't mind the drive to the store from Frederick because I always have a great time.
From: Frederick, Maryland

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